Grow Pots

Grow Pots

8 cm pots round 16x pack

8 cm* round peat free pots 16x pack

For all outdoor and indoor plant, including vegetables, herbs and flowers.

No matter which product you pick from the Botanian product range, getting started is never difficult.
Simple and easy to use – just add soil, water and seed.

Product information

This package includes 16 peat free Botanian Grow Pots 8 cm* round.

Botanian Pots promote faster and stronger root growth compared to plastic pots. They make transplanting easier by preventing root disturbance and reducing root-zone temperature changes.

This Botanian Pots provide an earth-friendly alternative to growing plants. They are made of sphagnum moss, which is a natural and renewable source.

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Prepare your botanian pots

Fill the botanian pots with botanian quick soil mix or other high-quality seed starting mix. Put the pots in a tray to catch excess water, then
Water generously. Make sure the mix and the sides of the pots are damp before adding seeds or cuttings.
Tip: watering at this stage will help prevent your seeds from sinking too far into the mix.

Add seeds or cuttings

Sow seeds (following packet directions) or plant cuttings into the mix. Now put the pots in a bright place away from direct sunlight and protect from temperature fluctuations – especially frost. After germination, gradually increase exposure to the sun.
Keep moist: water when the pots start turning light brown and the mix feels dry. However, be careful not to overwater: the top of the mix should be damp, not soaking wet.

Transplant your seedlings

When the seedlings or cuttings are ready, transplant them with the botanian pots intact into the garden or container. This will protect their sensitive root systems and help avoid transplant shock. Don’t worry, the roots will grow through the walls of the biodegradable pot. Cover the entire pot with potting soil and water generously.

Seeds are not included. Tip: purchase high-quality seeds to ensure success!

Grow Pots

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