Mini Greenhouse

36 mm pellets 12x pack

Mini greenhouse with 36 mm* peat free pellets 12x pack

For all outdoor and indoor plant, including vegetables, herbs and flowers

All-in-one solution for fast and effective propagation of seeds and cuttings. The perfect product for any starting or experienced grower.
Simple and easy to use – just add water and seed!

Product information

This Botanian Greenhouse kit includes: 12 peat free pellets 36 mm*, 1 watertight tray and 1 clear lid.

You get more flowers, fruit, and veggies with Botanian Pellets. That’s because the plants’ all-important root development isn’t disturbed. When it’s time to move your plants to a bigger container or to the garden, you simply transplant them with the Pellet intact.

These Botanian Pellets are peat-free. They’re made from coir (“koy-ah”), an eco-friendly byproduct from the coconut processing industry. We source and process our coconut husks responsibly.

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Prepare the pellets

Remove the lid and slowly pour lukewarm water into the Greenhouse tray until all the Pellets are covered.
The Pellets will absorb the water and start to expand.
They’re ready to use when they’re around 5 times their original dry size. (Discard any excess water.) 

Add seeds or cuttings

Carefully pull open the top of the Pellets’ netting, plant a seed (following packet directions) or cutting in each Pellet, and re-cover lightly.
Pinch together the sides of the netting to help cover the seeds.
Place the Greenhouse in a warm spot away from direct sunlight.
Cover with the lid and keep covered until your seeds start to germinate. 

Wait for germination!

When the seeds start sprouting, turn the lid slightly for air circulation.
When they have fully sprouted, take the lid off.
Keep moist: Add water to the tray when the pellets start to turn light brown. Be careful not to overwater: The top of the Mix should be damp, not soaking wet. Gradually increase exposure to the sun. 


Plant your seedlings in the garden or container once they have reached the desired height and have visible root growth.

Do not remove the netting! Plant deep enough to cover the whole Pellet with Mix/soil, then water thoroughly.

Seeds are not included. Tip: Purchase high-quality seeds to ensure success!

The tray and lid are reusable: Just refill with Botanian Pellets and you’re ready to start your next crop!

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