Hi, we’re Botanian,

We may be new to you, but farmers and plant nurseries around the world have relied on our products since the 1950s. Now they’re available to everyone who wants to grow their own vegetables, herbs, and flowers. We decided to create a range of premium home gardening products because we know it’s not just sustainable and healthy, it’s wonderfully satisfying to watch your plants thrive.

Want to give your seeds and cuttings the best possible chance? Our #1 tip is to make sure they grow strong roots fast, to get the goodness from the soil to the leaves and fruits. All Botanian products – like our Pots, Pellets, and Mini Greenhouses – include everything you need to get those roots growing. Like scientifically proven nutrients, and optimal air- and water-holding properties.

Sounds complicated? In fact, we’ve done the hard work for you and all our products are so easy to use. Just add water and you can go ahead and plant your seeds or cuttings. They don’t even require much space – a container on a sunny windowsill or balcony is plenty to grow your own crop of tomatoes, oregano, and much more.

You can count on Botanian because we control our entire supply chain, from responsibly sourcing the highest-quality raw materials, through expertly mixing them, to shipping them to trusted retailers. It’s true that our approach may look a little different at first. For instance, we’ve always made biodegradable Pots, never plastic. And our compressed, all-natural Pellets don’t look like big bags of potting soil – but soak them in a little water and you’ve got everything you need to grow happy plants indoors and out.

We love to see all gardeners succeed, so please take a look around our website and get inspired. Got a question? Ask us here. And tag us on Insta when you share photos of your home gardening adventures. Botanian, growing wherever you can imagine.

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